Welcome to Butterfly Phones

You will agree with me that credit checks have become a standard practice not only in the UK but also in other parts of the world. For this reason, individuals with a poor credit rating find themselves in unfamiliar grounds every time they seek to get approved for a phone contract or even a loan. The process is always characterised with disappointments and frustration and at times, feelings of being inferior. At Butterfly Phones, we understand the pain that individuals with a poor credit rating go through and that is why we started offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts.

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts operate in a different way from standard mobile phone contracts. With guaranteed mobile phone contracts, you have some level of certainty when applying for a phone contract as opposed to standard ones. You don’t have to worry about credit checks or being judged based on your credit rating. After seeing the suffering that most UK individuals go through, we decided to come up with a service through which we can be able to be of assistance to thousands reeling from a poor credit rating.

Simply put, Butterfly Phones was started with the sole aim of assisting thousands of UK residents who in the past have been victims of rejections as a result of their credit rating. As a reputable provider, we believe that no single individual should be denied a mobile phone contract simply because they have a less than stellar credit score. For this reason, we have been actively involved in assisting as well as ensuring that the needs and expectations of our customers are met through the different guaranteed mobile phone contracts that we offer.

As a celebrated guaranteed mobile phone provider, we endeavour to be professional at all times, to listen to our customers and to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that their needs are met. We have been steadfast, true to our call and continue to scale the ladders in the provision of affordable mobile phone contracts. In a world where everything revolves around mobile phones, we realised that it’s a great injustice for a section of the population to be denied a phone contract simply because they have an unappealing credit score.

Our guaranteed mobile phone deals are diverse and offer a number of benefits to our customers as you will learn when you visit phonesworld.co.ukphonesworld.co.uk. Our commitment to the well-being of our diverse customers as well as our philosophy to customer excellence is what continues to make us the natural choice for UK citizens seeking for affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts. We strongly believe in making conscious and informed decisions and this explains why we have deeply invested in customer awareness prior to making any decision.

Our top notch customer personnel dutifully educate and enlighten you on the benefits as well as the risks of a guaranteed mobile phone contract. Partners such as Money Supermarket have been instrumental in further enlightening our esteemed customers on the fundamental benefits of applying for a guaranteed phone contract. We are always working to improve the experience of our customers and this explains why we never compromise on continuous improvement and strongly ascribe to the principles of total quality management.

With us, you don’t have to worry on end about your past history of defaults or arrears. We are always open and willing to hook you up with a plan that will make you happy. Our diverse guaranteed contracts is an indication that there is something for everyone.


Are you worried that your application might take longer and inconvenience you? If yes, you need not worry as we are known in the industry for fast approval provided that we have been furnished with all the required documentation. We aspire to approve all applications within 24 hours and in rare circumstances, 48 hours. Contact us today and you can rest assured that we will help you get approved for a guaranteed mobile phone contract.