Are guaranteed mobile phone contracts a preserve of bad credit individuals?

The largely held belief is that no credit checks, bad credit phones, and guaranteed mobile phone contracts are a preserve of UK individuals with a poor credit rating. The bible clearly states that “my people do perish because of lack of knowledge”. As ancient as the advice might sound, the reality of the matter is that scores of individuals make decisions ignorantly and ascribe to principles with no factual basis. We have become so accustomed to hearsay and throwing caution to the wind that more often than not, our ignorance comes to haunt us.

It is not uncommon for a person to make a completely absurd statement without doing background research and back the assumption with hearsay. Unfortunately, guaranteed mobile phone contracts are not an exception. A lot of misconceptions, untruths, and unfounded rumours have defined guaranteed phone contracts for a long time. The result of such misconception has been an increasing number of people avoiding guaranteed phone contracts and thereby missing out on a lot.

While guaranteed mobile contracts initially targeted individuals with bad credit or those whose credit rating was below par, there has been a paradigm shift over the years and those who have had the opportunity to apply for this kind of contract can attest to the fact that it serves more purpose than was originally thought. In the beginning, the idea was to help as many people as possible with bad credit get approved for a phone contract. However, it soon became clear that these contracts were the perfect antidote for individuals seeking to repair their credit score.

Getting approved for a standard contract when a person had bad credit was an impossibility of sorts. What this ideally meant was that getting a second shot at credit repair was a tall order. Credit checks always reared its ugly head and the aftermath was one rejection after the other. However, the introduction of guaranteed mobile phone contracts indeed changed the mobile phone contracting landscape as we knew it. UK individuals with a poor credit rating could now apply and get approved without having to worry on end or go through a lot of trouble trying to find a lenient provider. So, yes, guaranteed phone contracts were initially targeted for individuals with bad credit.

However, to say that it’s a preserve of those with bad credit would be an incorrect argument. The reality of the matter is that individuals with no prior credit history have indeed found homage in guaranteed phone contracts. Mobile phone providers rarely approve an application of an individual with no prior credit history. This, in essence, puts such individuals in a quandary and guaranteed phone contracts have indeed been the perfect alternative for such individuals with no credit history. Add to that the fact that they also accord them an opportunity to build their credit score from scratch and you get the larger picture as to why guaranteed mobile contracts are not entirely for individuals with a poor credit history. Any suggestions to the contrary are fallacious to a hilt!