I have a history of defaults and CCJ’s. Am I eligible to apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Do not fret. The beauty about guaranteed mobile phone contracts is that it is open to everyone irrespective of how bad their credit score is. If you have a history of arrears, CCJ or defaults, you are welcome to apply for our guaranteed mobile phone contracts. We do not run credit checks or rather the status of your credit score is not a determinant when we are screening your application.

Can I apply for a guaranteed phone contract yet? I am 17 years old.

We understand that a mobile phone has morphed into a basic asset in the contemporary society. However, in as much as we might want to accommodate you and approve your application, our hands are tied. The law states that all contractual obligations must be between individuals that are 18 years and above. In this regard, any contract entered with a minor is considered null and void and cannot be enforced in any court of law.

Can I apply for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 under a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Generally, the latest high-end mobiles are expensive and pose a great risk on our side and as such we encourage our customers not to apply for them. However, if you desperately want the latest phones, we require you to make a deposit upfront. This deposit is refundable at the expiry of your contract and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Am I at will to choose any kind of phone I want?

Yes. We do not place bottlenecks in choosing your preferred phone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a liking for HTC phones, Motorola phones, Nokia phones, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Huawei phones and so on and so forth. You are free to choose a phone of your preference.

How does an upfront deposit affect my guaranteed mobile phone contract?

When you make an upfront payment, you stand to benefit more than an individual who hasn’t made any upfront payment at all. For instance, you can choose the latest mobile phone in the market without any restrictions. Secondly, you stand to enjoy cheaper fees as compared to individuals who haven’t paid any upfront fees.

How does a guaranteed mobile phone contract affect my credit score?

The rules of engagement are clear. Timely repayments positively affect your credit score while defaults negatively affect your credit score. In essence, if you meet your monthly obligations without fail, you will gradually improve the status of your credit score over time.

Is there an option for an upgrade after a couple of months?

That solely depends on how you’ve been making monthly payments. We generally review good standing accounts and allow them to upgrade to a better handset. You can, therefore, rest assured that there is an option for an upgrade provided that your account is in good standing.

Are there penalties for early repayments?

We encourage our customers to clear off their dues in the earliest time possible to avoid fees as well as worsening of their credit score. You can, therefore, rest assured that there are no penalties if you clear your dues early or in advance.

What is the standard contract lock-in period for guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

Compared to standard or ordinary mobile phone contracts, customers on guaranteed phone contracts are locked in for a prolonged period of time. In most instances, the minimum period a person on a guaranteed contract is locked in is for 18 months. What this simply means is that a person on a guaranteed phone contract cannot switch as and when they wish.